THE FIRST WORD VNFtour regard to honoured guest with all good wishes.


The  rate of hurried existence  made us feel dull and boring  while our life still has interesting things that we need to find out-discover .for this reson , let we renew ourself  to discover and enjoy fresh emotions in this life.RELAX-TAKE REST-TRAVEL are things we can give for ourself.


 VNFtour has a  general guideline THE TRAVEL IS GOLD ---THE TIME IS SILVER..VNFtour s staff  will bring to  honoured guest gold times and spaces by motobike tour to well-know tourist areas   in SAI GON-HO CHI MINH city. The honoured guests  can make the most of  new feeling, a old  cutural  in central of  SAI GON..that is VNFtour s honour when we provided a link between honoured guests with vietnam s custom, cutural  and  vietnamese,can side by side with honoured guest s during  travels to seek  the news things,enjoyable feelings on life by the experientials that we had comprehended


      VNFtour is stand for vietnam fan tour, the diffirent thing VNtour give to honoured guest  are  travels complete by motobike . Motobike is transport popular in vietnam ,but  it seems not easy  for honoured guests  looking  for a good driver motobike   at the first time come  to sai gon..VNFtour found to help  honoured guests  solve preoccupations .  this is   new  innovation of travel s vietnam .both  of tour guide of VNFtour  can speak english fluently . they are young girls, young mans  who had fully experienced with domestic and foreign tour. Honoured guest has right of choiced   girl tour guide or man tour guide. traveling by motobike around sai gon .that  is really a great  travel, it can  help honoured guest carry out plans ,dreams about   SAI GON-  a active,interesting , save maximun money  are the most criterion  what  VNFtour …………….,

The honoured guest play role importand to  the name VNFtour  more and more  deverlop in the market travel. And to achieve that’s things ,VNFtour determind to perfrom high quality travel with target


1.ensure  true carry out with  the contract

2.ensure the best price service

3/ensure professional service ,enthusiasm and thoughtful



……………………………VNFtuor hope that VNFtour staffs  can bring to honoured guest with the best services, the funniest travels and fully meaning .